Personal resource consultants

Personal Resource Consultants (PRC) is specialized in high-grade training in personal and relational effectiveness of professionals in profit and non-profit organizations. The emphasis is on optimal functioning of the manager as a person. Research shows that success/failure of the manager does not in the first place correlate with technical know-how, but with the quality of his/her personal and interrelational functioning. Furthermore, research shows that stress in the organization is a positive phenomenon, enhancing creativity as well as productivity, if the manager has learned to be able to constructively deal with himself and others in these situations. Receptivity for inner and outer signals is essential in this respect.
We offer individualized coaching sessions as well as management training seminars.


The duration of a seminar varies between 2-5 days. After each seminar there is a booster session to reinforce the learning experience.


PRC’ s learning methods are based on cognitive behavioral science. Recent research data from social, organizational, clinical and neuropsychology are integrated with Eastern ways of mindfulness.
The learning process is experiential, personal as well as interactional, supplemented by systematic cognitive input. The focus is on pragmatically and practically applying of new insights and experiences in the working space.


The seminars are presented as ‘in-company’ training within an organization.